Cloud Engineering

Brown Coders possess expertise in all cloud providers including public, private, and hybrid cloud to deliver the best mix of cost efficiency and control over your resources and data. Our cloud business solutions harness high-performance technologies like microservices, web APIs, Platform-as-a-Service, and serverless architecture to build your personalized path to the cloud. Brown coders re-platforms, integrates, deploys, and optimizes your cloud applications on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud using DevOps.

Application Development

By continually adapting to technological advances and modern trends, Brown Coders always remains at the forefront of application development. Our experienced and certified development teams use leading-edge methodologies to design, develop, implement, and continually enhance innovative business solutions for all major platforms and devices. Our cloud, desktop, and mobile applications offer the best balance of performance, usability, cost-efficiency, resiliency, and maintainability to help you increase business ROI.

UI/UX Development

Brown Coders creative design team gets excited about unique ideas and assign passionate people to deliver them. Our front end designs reflect a user first approach. We consider all aspects of user satisfaction and user interaction with the application to ensure our designs perfectly render all visual and functional elements. Our goal is to create user based applications, driven by user experiences and motivation to complete a specific action. We create user interfaces to provide users with a wholistic picture of the application in just one look.

Digital commerce

Whether your digital strategy includes one ecommerce site or multiple, B2C or B2B, domestic or international, we can help you deliver exceptional commerce experiences that engage and convert buyers across channels and devices. So you can be ready to embrace digital transformation, today and tomorrow.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the soul of software development. Our testing and quality management services are built around reliability, efficiency, and expertise to improve your digital assets across the entire development lifecycle.


Brown Coders ensure that their sensitive business information remains secure and your internal and customer-facing digital services continue to function disruption-free. We apply the latest data privacy and InfoSec standards to prevent unauthorized access, suspicious activity, service outages, and data loss.